Are you feeling isolated?

Are you the only one your age at your Mass center?

Do you long to meet and socialize with other Traditional Catholics who actually won’t think you’re a relic from the Middle Ages who has somehow time-traveled to the twenty-first century?

If so, then you need to come hang out with us!

Thirty years ago, St. Gertrude’s hosted a series of Young Adult Get-Togethers that resulted in many lifelong friendships (and several marriages, but that’s a fringe benefit).  Even if you’re potentially called to the religious life or to the priesthood, you can never know too many good Catholics.  In these difficult times, we need support groups of like-minded people more than ever.

Our main focus is to get far-flung, lonely people to meet, interact, and make good Catholic friends through a weekend of fun outings, activities, and good food.  Don’t be shy and check your phone at the door!

YAG flyer final