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Now that our YAG Publicity Guy has gotten your attention…

If you’re a young trad who wants to meet, socialize and network with other like-minded guys and gals, the 2017 Young Adult Get-Together is the place for you!

We’ve planned a weekend of fun outings, activities, and good food.

And since we are trads, this is in a great tradition. Thirty years ago, St. Gertrude’s in Cincy hosted a series of Young Adult Get-Togethers (=YAGs) that resulted in many lifelong friendships (and even several marriages — but that’s a fringe benefit!)

It was great then to have young Catholics support and encourage their peers, and we want to revive that tradition and keep it going.

St. Gertrude’s was sedevacantist then and remains so now — that is, we do not recognize the Vatican II popes as true popes.

Participation in this Young Adult Get-Together is therefore limited to young sedevacantists — of which, thank heaven, there is now a large and ever-increasing number throughout the United States!

Check out the program below for details. (Don’t worry — if you can make it for just one day, that’s fine!)

So what do I have to do?

  • Register here to let us know you’re coming. (OK, guys, we know you like to put things off till the last minute, but, c’mon…)  Sunday July 2 is the last day to register!
  • Tell other potential YAG-ers in your chapel about it and send them this link. (Ask them to re-send it to their friends, too!)
  • Check this site daily for more inspiring messages from our YAG Publicity Guy.

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